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Topics for bachelor and master theses in Algorithmic Gametheory

The topics for bachelor and master theses include the following:

  • Modelling interesting interactions, finding their equilibria and their efficiency. For example, consider modelling human self-control as a game between one's various selves.
  • Suggesting new solution concepts (new equilibrium concepts) for games and comparing various solution concepts w.r.t. certain aspects.
  • Devising practically important notions of network robustness.
  • Writing simulations to study various graph centralities in various real (say, Facebook) and random (say, Erdos–Rényi) graphs.
  • Modelling human notions, such as common sense, intuition, and happiness within the non-cooperative game models.
  • Modelling emotions influencing interactions and finding out, what is the extent of that influence, based on the experimental results, such as people playing the prisoner’s dilemma.
  • Designing polynomially computable solution concepts for games.
  • Finding approximation algorithms for important problems that were previously solved exactly, but for a narrower set of inputs.