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The Institutes’s Guiding Principles

We are currently experiencing a shift away from a multitude of national industrial societies towards a single global information society. Information and communication technology pervade all areas of life; yesterday’s borders are no longer relevant today. The crucial challenges of the modern age demand innovations that will eventually replace what we have come to know and trust. As a result, the number of people working outside the classic areas of industrial employment continues to fall; many of them regard the change as a threat and strive to preserve the status quo. This shift, however, also opens up a huge range of opportunities and creative possibilities. Completely new jobs and service areas are emerging. We have the skills, knowledge and energy to shape tomorrow’s world. We want to apply them to the creation of attractive prospects and confidence in the future.

Prosperity requires engagement, engagement requires innovation, innovation requires education. This is the guiding principle behind what we do.

Intelligent technical systems for the markets of tomorrow
The symbiosis of computer science and engineering forms the core of our research. The resulting impulses are a catalyst for the intelligent technical systems and corresponding services for the global markets of tomorrow. We want our work to contribute to the creation of new employment opportunities, the preservation of the current level of prosperity and the promotion of sustainable development.

Balance between fundamental research and applied research
We want to be a leading research institute. To achieve this goal, we need to send the right impulses for industry to put into practice. We also need to anticipate the problems of tomorrow early on and work on finding solutions. We attach the same importance to fundamental research – which reveals new insights and opens up new opportunities – as we do to applied research, with its vital practical relevance. We cooperate strategically with the Fraunhofer Institute for Mechatronic Systems Design IEM, run by professors from the Heinz Nixdorf Institute.

Commitment to supporting young talent

We are deeply committed to providing our students and postgraduate doctoral candidates with all training and education required to equip them with the skills and knowledge they will need to shape the future.

Measurable goals

Any action strategy must be measurable in terms of success. We set ourselves three main benchmark objectives:

  1. Excellent research performance. Our measurement criteria are the amount of third-party funding, the number of doctoral and postdoctoral degrees awarded and the number of publications in reputable journals.
  2. Creating real benefits for the economy that result in innovative products, services and operational processes. Our measuring indicators here are the number of cooperation agreements with industry and the number of new spin-off companies.
  3. The placement of our graduates in suitable employment in industry or in scientific circles.

The pursuit of these principles follows the intention of Heinz Nixdorf, the initiator of our institute.

We work together in an interdisciplinary, to get closer to our vision of a new school for design of tomorrow´s technical systems.