Project Group TestDrive3D

The goal of this project group is the development of a virtual driving simulation in a dynamic 3D world. In contrast to existing driving simulations, like e.g. 3D street racing games, the track and the surrounding scenery is not completely defined before the simulation starts, but is generated while driving through the scene. A test leader can define the scene using rules for streets, forests and cities, while multiple drivers continuously  explore the virtual world which emerges ahead of them. One application of such a system is the flexible generation of environments for evaluating driver assistant systems with human test drivers.

Main challenges of this scenario are:

  • defining algorithmic rules for creating landscapes at runtime
  • creating an interface that allows the intuitive application of the rules
  • developing rendering and streaming algorithms for rendering the generated scenes

The members of the project group can build upon our PADrend-system, a versatile 3D rendering software for developing algorithms for complex scenes. Knowledge of OpenGL or a specific programming language is not required; a general interest in 3D computer graphics and the practical development of algorithms is recommended.