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Starting situation

The products of mechanical engineering and related sectors such as the automotive industry or medical technology have gone through a period of continuous change in recent years, shifting from mechanical to mechatronic systems. Information and communication in particular became a major driving force for innovation. The end of this development is not in sight. More importantly, other disciplines such as e.g. artificial intelligence research will contri-bute to systems becoming more and more efficient. Technical systems with adaptive, robust and forward-thinking functionalities and that exhibit a high degree of user-friendliness are emerging.
The development of these systems can no longer be analysed from the perspective of an individual specialist discipline; the established discipline-specific methodology reaches its limits here because it does not consider the interaction of the disciplines involved. The approach that satisfies this requirement is Systems Engineering (SE).

Scope and objective

SE is not new; it has been established for decades in the aerospace industry and is now being met with increasing interest in many other industries. That said, the actual efficiency and benefits for many of these industries are still unclear. SE methods are often rated too abstract and generic, and less practical. The objective of this study is therefore to gain a clear representation of the capability of systems engineering and to obtain the current level of use of SE in practice and in activities in training and further education. Furthermore, the current barriers preventing full exploitation of potential benefits should be highlighted and recommendations to overcome these should be given. These overriding objectives give rise to questions to be answered in the individual chapters.




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