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Product Creation

Our Mission

  1. An excellent environment, laboratory facilities, cooperation on an equal basis across all levels, outstanding projects, research and teaching make us the first choice.
  2. A participative manner, involvement in various tasks in both teaching and practice create a special bond to the chair during and beyond the occupation.
  3. Through intensive networking with competent partners and institutes both home and abroad we profile ourselves as a competence center and coordinator of complex projects.
  4. We promote the talents of our employees as future leaders in science and industry.
  5. With an entrepreneurial pioneering spirit, the joy of experimenting, trying out new things, and innovative approaches, we appeal project partners as well as employees.
  6. We see ourselves as an innovation machine and take new, unorthodox paths in research and teaching. Setbacks are considered as an incentive for improvement.
  7. We set standards in academic teaching, embed research findings promptly and shape the curriculum of product creation.
  8. Through a wide range of professional competencies and content depth, we shape the engineering profile of our graduates.








Chinese industrial delegation visits Smart Automation Laboratory

On May 25th, a Chinese industrial delegation with representatives from the automotive and automation industry visited the Smart Automation Laboratory of the chair for Product Creation. During the visit, research results related to industry 4.0 and automated production planning and control were presented and implementations at the participating industrial companies were discussed.

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